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Air France Boeing 747-100 1:200
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Air France Boeing 747-100
Registrering: F-BPVA
Skala: 1:200
Produsent: Flight Miniatures
Materiale: Plast Snap-fit
Lengde: 35,3 cm
Vingespenn: 29,8 cm
Støtte: Ja
Hjul: Nei

Air France var det andre ikke-amerikanske selskapet som tok i bruk Boeing 747. Første flight var 3. juni 1970 fra Paris til New York.

Air France Boeing 747-100
Registration: F-BPVA
Scale: 1:200
Brand: Flight Miniatures
Material: Plastic Snap-Fit
Length: 35,3 cm
Wingspan: 29,8 cm
Display Stand: Yes
Landing Gear: No

Air France was the second non-American airline to order and take delivery of the Boeing 747-100. The 747 entered into service for the airline on June 3, 1970, with a flight from Paris to New York.

This model represents ship F-BPVA in its original delivery colors (this livery was used by Air France from 1960 to 1977). It was the first 747-100 delivered to Air France and the nineteenth built by Boeing. It had its first flight on February 28, 1970, and was delivered to the airline March 20, 1970. Originally it was fitted with 350 seats, with a bar on the upper deck for first class passengers. In 1975 the airline decided to remove the upper deck lounge on all of its 747s to house a few more seats, and by 1979 they had all been reconfigured to have 360 seats.

The 747-100 had its first flight on February 9, 1969, and entered commercial service in 1970. Boeing delivered 250 of the 747-100s, the last in 1986. Boeing built two versions of the 747-100 passenger airplane, one of which had a higher payload capacity and was known as the -100B. The 747-100 was also available as a short-range (SR) airplane, with a modified body structure to accommodate a greater number of takeoffs and landings. The 747SR model typically was used by airlines on short flights with a high-passenger capacity, as many as 550.

Flight Miniatures plastic snap-together models are easy to assemble. No decals, painting of gluing required. The markings are true to life and all the pieces fit snugly together. Every detail is accurate and color true. Models are printed, not decaled, and include plastic stand.

- FM2007
- ny
- Flight Miniatures
- 360




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