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Boeing 737-700w 1:200
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Boeing 737-700
Skala: 1:200
Produsent: Flight Miniatures
Materiale: Plast Snap-fit
Lengde: 16,8 cm
Vingespenn: 17,2 cm
Støtte: Ja
Hjul: Nei

Boeing's 737-700 i dagens Boeing-farger og med winglets.

Boeing 737-700
Scale: 1:200
Brand: Flight Miniatures
Material: Plastic Snap-Fit
Length: 16,8 cm
Wingspan: 17,2 cm
Display Stand: Yes
Landing Gear: No

The Boeing 737 is a narrow-body twin-engine short- to medium-range aircraft. The current production models of the 737, including the 737-700, are known as the "Next-Generation" of this aircraft family. Built on the foundation of the previous 737 models, they feature redesigned wings, more powerful and efficient engines, and advanced avionics.

Early in 2005, the 737 lost its distinctive "eyebrow" windows in the cockpit - once a requirement in the 1960s for added taxiway visibility but now deemed unnecessary, and a retrofit kit will be offered to remove the windows on existing aircraft.

Unlike traditional winglets that attach at abrupt angles to the wing, Blended Winglets™ gently curve out and up from the wingtip, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing performance. The winglets allow the 737 to fly up to 115 nautical miles (213 kilometers) farther and reduce fuel burn.

Flight Miniatures plastic snap-together models are easy to assemble. No decals, painting of gluing required. The markings are true to life and all the pieces fit snugly together. Every detail is accurate and color true. Models are printed, not decaled, and include plastic stand.
- FM2172
- ny
- Flight Miniatures
- 120




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