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Delta Boeing 777-200LR 1:200
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Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR
Registrering: N710DN
Skala: 1:200
Produsent: Flight Miniatures
Materiale: Plast Snap-Fit
Lengde: 31,8 cm
Vingespenn: 32,4 cm
Støtte: Ja
Hjul: Nei

Delta var det første amerikanske selskapet til å benytte Boeing 777-200LR og mottok flytypen i 2008. Totalt opererer Delta ti stykker av denne flytypen hvorav denne flymodellen er basert på den siste Boeing 777-200LR som selskapet mottok i mars 2010.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR
Registration: N710DN
Scale: 1:200
Brand: Flight Miniatures
Material: Plastic Snap-Fit
Length: 31,8 cm
Wingspan: 32,4 cm
Display Stand: Yes
Landing Gear: No

The Boeing 777-200LR was introduced to the Delta Airlines fleet in March of 2008, making Delta the first US airline to operate this aircraft type. In all, Delta received ten 777-200LRs in this first order to Boeing for the advanced aircraft. This model represents Deltas tenth 777-200LR, Ship 7110, which was delivered to the airline on March 24, 2010.

With a maximum operating range of 9,395 nautical miles (17,370 km), the 777-200LR has the longest range of any commercial airliner and can fly non-stop between nearly any two cities in the world. Of course, longer range means longer flights and Delta has raised the standards for travel comfort. The BusinessElite® class includes fully horizontal personal sleeper suites. Coach class offers next-generation, more comfortable seats, and every seat offers Deltas on-demand entertainment system on larger screens.

On November 9-10, 2005, a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner set a new world record for distance traveled non-stop by a commercial jetliner. The 777-200LR set a record distance of 11,664 nautical miles (21,601 km) on a route traveling eastbound from Hong Kong to London (Heathrow). The flight lasted 22 hours and 42 minutes.

These plastic snap-together models are easy to assemble. No decals, painting of gluing required. The markings are true to life and all the pieces fit snugly together. Every detail is accurate and color true.
- FM2058
- ny
- Flight Miniatures
- 240




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