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Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 1:200
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Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200
Registrering: N487HA 'lo
Skala: 1:200
Produsent: Flight Miniatures
Materiale: Plast Snap-fit
Lengde: 18,9 cm
Vingespenn: 14,2 cm
Støtte: Ja
Hjul: Nei

Denne modellen representerer den siste Boeing 717 som ble levert til Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200
Registration: N487HA 'lo
Scale: 1:200
Brand: Flight Miniatures
Material: Plastic Snap-Fit
Length: 18,9 cm
Wingspan: 14,2 cm
Display Stand: Yes
Landing Gear: No

Adorned with the vibrant Pualani tail art (meaning “heavenly flower”), each Hawaiian Airlines aircraft is also given a unique name. The Boeing aircraft are named for birds found in Polynesia.

This particular model, N487HA is named lo, meaning “Hawaiian hawk”. This raptor is the only hawk native to Hawaii and is protected as an endangered species in the USA. This model also represents the last 717-200 delivered direct to the airline by Boeing.

Hawaiian Airlines offers non-stop service from North American, Asia, South Pacific, as well as every major Hawaiian Island. Hawaiian Airlines operates the Boeing 717-200 on short-haul flights. This aircraft flies with eight reclining seats in First Class and 115 standard seats in Economy Class.

Flight Miniatures plastic snap-together models are easy to assemble. No decals, painting of gluing required. The markings are true to life and all the pieces fit snugly together. Every detail is accurate and color true. Models are printed, not decaled, and include plastic stand.
- FM2239
- ny
- Flight Miniatures
- 120




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